Sugaring Outline

Next Sugaring Class May 19-20th, 2019
COST $450 plus gst. for training only.   Kit and Ceritificate is extra. (see below)  WILL REQUIRE A DEPOSIT OF $100 TO HOLD YOUR SPOT Which will be deducted off of the training when paid for.  I only take 4 students per class.     ONLY REFUNDABLE IF CLASS DOESNT FILL.  email me to make deposit. Total cost approximatley $750 plus gst .  (Kit prices may change slightley.)    Then $50 for Sugaring Certifiate after the completion of class to be paid to Sugar of the Nile.

Please contact me by email before ordering your kit to make sure class fills.
Kits are ordered through
Skin Fx (Edmonton)  780-485-1113
Phone for your kit at least 1 week before class.  So $280 plus gst (may vary)  for kit includes  manual.   Shipping is extra.  Please ask for pricing when ordering kit.
Pay Sonda for Ceritificate after 
completion of class of $50.00. Goes back to Sugar of 
the Nile and they will send out the Certificate
*Models required for both days.  If there are enough girls in the class you can use each other.  They must have 1/4 inch hair growth (10days or more after shaving, 3-4 weeks after sugaring or waxing).  You will require models for all areas of the body.

*Students will be working on each other.  So please do not shave, wax or sugar prior to training class.  As it is important that you experience what your models and clients will experience, be prepared to have sugaring done on all areas of your body.

9:00-11:00  THEORY
*The history of Body Sugaring
*Why Body Sugaring 
*The skin
*Hair - types and stages of growth
*Contraindications and Client Questionares
*Sugar of the Nile & Their products
*Pre and post treatment and advice

11:00-12:00  PRACTICAL
*Practice on each other

12:00-1:00  LUNCH

1:00-4:00 PRACTICAL
*Establishing correct technique on Models legs
*Bikini demo and practice- Time Permitting

4:00-5:00  THEORY
*Review of Theory
*Complete homework assignment
*STUDY your manual for your exam tomorrow!!!

Day 2
9:00-10:00  THEORY
*Review and Questions

10:00-12:00  PRACTICAL
*Demo - Face & Underarms
*Practice on Models or Students

12:00-1:00  LUNCH

1:00-3:30  PRACTICAL
*Demo - Bikini
*Practice on Models and Fellow Students - all areas

3:30-5:00  WIND UP
*Final Assessment

This class gives you the knowledge to begin the business of Body Sugaring.  Keep in mind that it requires much practice to be proficient: to increase your speed and effectiveness, regular practice is required.  As incorrect technique will not provide you with the results you are looking for, check in from time to time to ensure that your technique is correct.

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