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You’ve been Sugared! What happens now?

What you will see:

It is normal to notice little red, sometimes raised spots where the hair has been removed by the sugar. These spots should subside within 24 – 48 hours. You can easily assist by placing a cold (not frozen) compress (i.e., a cold, wet towelette) over the area that is red until it calms down. It is also normal to feel a sense of itchiness in the area that was treated. TRY NOT TO SCRATCH! Scratching will cause irritation to the area, and can transfer microbes from your fingers and nails to the treated area which can become infected.


What you should do:

Use a good body wash or soap, choose products that are light, effective (wash away well) and that should feel great! Use a moisturizer regularly. Keeping your skin moisturized will not only keep your skin soft, but will make your sugar experience even better, and help to prevent in- grown hairs. Use ingredients that aid in calming redness, have antibacterial properties and pro- vide ultraviolet sun protection.

After a couple of days, we recommend you begin using a mitt or natural loofah or bristle brush either dry or wet (when bathing) to gently help shed dead, flaking skin. Exfoliating reduces the nuisance of getting unsightly ingrown hairs.
What you should avoid:
 Do not exercise on the day of your appointment.
 Do not Sun tan or use tanning products prior to your sugaring treatment.
 Do not exfoliate or shave the day of or before your next appointment.
 Do not apply make up in the area being sugared, but if you must, mineral based make up
is recommended.
 Do not apply any facial creams, lotions, perfumes or deodorants to any areas that are be-

ing sugared.

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